Scott Batty

AutoCAD Technician

Scott’s primary role in all projects will exist in the AutoCAD environment. He will ensure that conceptual ideas proposed on paper are accurately converted to AutoCAD, then further developed into a final, tender set of drawings. Scott is the primary contact for all drafting related communication.

Scott is a an Architectural Technologist graduate of NAIT, where his training prepared him for his first position as a CAD operator with Kanotech Information Systems, Edmonton. There, his work included producing detailed mapping of telephone cable installations for AT&T in the U.S. In early Spring of 2001, Scott joined Burnstad Consulting to add his specialized knowledge and expertise, and to also advance his skills in the new field of kitchen design.

Scott’s talent and capabilities at Burnstad Consulting allow him to accurately reproduce a client’s establishment, from pre-existing facilities to entirely new concepts, within the AutoCAD environment. With his extensive AutoCAD skills, Scott creates plan views, elevations, section drawings and equipment details of proposed food service operations.

With powerful software, Scott is instrumental in developing 3-D perspective views of ongoing projects. This has proved to be especially relevant to clients that may have difficulty visualizing what the final results will be during the various phases of design and planning.

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