Dale Burnstad


Dale Burnstad is the primary contact for all design, site co-ordination and development requirements. In addition to coordinating the efforts of the Burnstad Team, he will direct, supervise and approve all production specifications, drawings and documents. When requested, Dale is qualified to appraise and advise on existing equipment’s potential for re-use.

Dale Burnstad graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) in 1976 with honorable mention in the Engineering Design & Drafting Technology Program. His first position was with Edmonton Power, where he was able to expand upon his skills and expertise. In mid-1977 Dale embarked on a more promising career path in kitchen design, when he joined Russell Food Equipment.

He remained with the company for 19 fruitful years, serving the last six as Design and Construction Manager. Throughout his tenure with Russell, Dale was instrumental in coordinating countless installation projects in a wide range of sizes and complexities, which gave him ample preparation to start his own firm.

With his considerable experience in all aspects of equipment specing, sales and installation, Dale offers extremely valuable insight when bottom line costs and practical issues are of concern. The design process, and all that it entails, is extremely important; if the design does not meet the budget criteria, the entire project can stall. Dale maintains constant focus on every facet of the design development and how it may impact bottom line costs.

Thus, the early conceptual design and design programming phases are where much of Dale’s efforts are concentrated. His extensive background in the specialized area of commercial food facilities operations is extremely valuable to the design team and incredibly beneficial to the ultimate success of a food service operation. With excellent communication skills and an overwhelming dedication to perfection, Dale is eminently qualified to take on any commercial kitchen design project.

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